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Uganda, Kenya could be the next countries to leave the ICC after Burundi

Uganda and Kenya could be the next countries to leave the International Criminal Court following Burundi’s exit last week.

Museveni has for long berated and ridiculed the ICC, cautioning them to let Africa handle and solve it’s own judicial and legal problems. It wouldn’t be surprising if Museveni follows in Burundi’s footsteps and ejects Uganda out of the ICC.

Below is a report from the AFP about Burundi’s exit:

Burundi on Friday became the first ever nation to leave the International Criminal Court, set up some 15 years ago to prosecute those behind the world’s worst atrocities.
“Burundi’s withdrawal from the Rome Statute will take effect on Friday, 27 October 2017,” an ICC spokesperson said.
The move comes exactly a year after Bujumbura officially notified the United Nations that it was quitting the world’s only permanent war crimes tribunal, in what was seen as a major blow to international justice.

“The decision to withdraw Burundi from the Rome Statute comes at a time when the machine continues to kill with impunity in Burundi,” said Lambert Nigarura, president of the Burundi coalition for the ICC.
“Today, Burundian justice, as it is so-called, has lost contact with life. It has become a mere tool of repression of any dissenting voice,” he added in a statement.

But ICC officials said a preliminary probe launched by the prosecutor in April 2016 into possible crimes against humanity in the central African nation would continue.
“Burundi’s withdrawal does not affect the jurisdiction of the court with respect to crimes alleged to have been committed during the time it was a state party, namely up until 27 October 2017,” the spokesperson told AFP.