Chinese men are taking all our women and Government should intervene, says frustrated Ugandans

Many Ugandan men are said to be frustrated after being rejected by women who instead choose to hang out with and date Chinese workers and expatriates.

The number of Chinese nationals living and working in Uganda has increased exponentially over the last decade as China-Africa business relations and partnerships reach an all time high. This has seen China sending thousands or hundreds of thousands of engineers and other staff to work on mainly construction projects in Uganda and neighbouring countries to build roads, rail networks, hospitals, bridges.

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However, the Chinese workers are leaving behind a storm of social chaos, as they impregnate their Ugandan lovers and then abandon them when they finish their construction projects. Many pregnant women are now stranded as their Chinese lovers go back to China and cut off all communication.

Already, there are thousands of babies that have been born out of such relationships and many of these babies will grow up with no contact with their fathers whatsoever. Many Ugandan men have been very unhappy about being turned down by women who fall for the charms of foreign men only to be abandoned.

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The men are calling upon the Government to intervene and help in solving the problem and if the Government fails then some men will take it upon themselves to write a letter to the Chinese Government asking to send money to support the women and children that have been left behind.

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