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Everyone is Laughing at Museveni after Rukungiri Saga

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 12:18 am
by Dr Aggrey Kiyingyi
Dear all, allow me to introduce myself first and foremost. My name is Aggrey Kiyingyi and I'm a doctor who has traveled and worked allover the world.
I could choose to just focus on my high paying job, enjoy life, travel the world and forget all about Uganda's politics but I'd feel guilty for the rest of my life if i ever did that,
I feel a huge responsibility just like any Ugandan whether at home or abroad, whether young or old, male or female-- we all have a duty and responsibility to our country.
Right now it's obvious that the people we entrusted to develop our nation, to govern us and to take accountability of our taxes have failed (Please feel free to respond and correct me if you think they're doing a good job)
Things are falling apart, women are being kidnapped day and night, women killed in the most horrific ways, children killed and dumped in swamps. Hospitals are falling apart, doctors have no pay and many are going to work in Rwanda. Yes, many Ugandan doctors are finding jobs in Rwanda where there is better pay and better working conditions and where the doctors and nurses are appreciated.
In all of East Africa, it is only Uganda that has fallen back and is at the bottom of the heap. Please feel free and travel to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia. These countries, although they too have massive problems of their own, are far ahead of Uganda. I'd say these countries are about 50 years ahead of Uganda.
Let's talk about Rukungiri. The Rukungiri incident was an eye opener that people are really tired. People now love their country and their patriotism is not for sale. After Museveni providing 1 billion shillings to be distributed among the people of Rukungiri so that they can vote for his candidate, things backfired instantly. They chewed the money, but voted for the opposition. It is a sign that people are tired of- Business as Usual.
And this is only the beginning, the incident is simply the beginning of a ripple effect that will spread through out the country. People have been very patient but rather late than never, have realised that things will never work in the current system.
I will write my next column next week on Thursday. I will try to write a column every week either on politics or health or both. Please share my articles with your friends and feel free to respond and give me your opinions.
May the good Lord protect you all.

Yours truly,

Doctor Aggrey Kiyingyi